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Leave Hair Alone

Posted by Ajah

Braids, weaves and dreads have taken over the planet; yes from Africa to Asia via the US, sported by all races and hair types, braids are everywhere. There is indeed a hunger for braids out there and at Astou's, we'd be damned if we don’t do our part in feeding it.
Braids are seasonless, they are always in, always cool. They compliment your style, give your hair a break and frankly do more for us and our self-esteem than most man ever could.
But as much as we gorge ourselves, let’s remember that moderation is key.

Frankly, the only obstacle to getting braids is an unhealthy scalp. Which shows itself in different forms that can range from annoying itching and mild dandruff to severe enough issues that can cause scars and hair loss. So, if open sores, painful blisters, or red bumps develop on your scalp, it is paramount you avoid stressing your scalp further with chemical processes, braids, tight ponytails or weaves until your symptoms get better. And if they persist or become more severe over time, make sure you restrain from hair styling until you contact and get cleared by a health care professional.

An unhealthy scalp means unhealthy, lackluster hair and given the vital role it plays in hair health and appearance, scalp conditioning, care and maintenance should always be a priority.
So remember: Mild Shampoo and Moisturizing (deep) Conditioner + moisturizer = a happy scalp

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