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Hair it is.

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In today’s hair world, the choices are as endless as the possibilities. Although hair comes in different colors, textures and styles, there are only 2 families of hair fibers to choose from: Human hair (Remy, Non-Remy) and Synthetic hair (Protein, Kanekalon/Toyokalon, and Synthetic.

HUMAN HAIR : the most expensive but longer lasting of the lot comes in 2
categories: Remy and non-Remy hair.
**Remy hair** defines virgin hair that has been harvested, processed and colored with roots that are aligned at the top of the bundle.
**Non-Remy** hair classifies as 2nd grade hair since it usually comes from hair that shed and hair that literally was on the cutting room floor. Once these flowing and usually Indian tresses are collected, sorted and classed, the hair’s cuticles are removed by hydrochloric acid baths. It is then turned into wefts or left loose for braiding.
Human hair Has the natural look plus the ultimate soft feel women everywhere value. when the right colors are chosen, Human hair blends in well with our own and behaves the way natural hair does. while curled hair hold on to its style for the lifespan of the weave, straight hair responds well to heat and styling products. depending on how much it sheds and how it is cared for, human hair has a lifespan of at least 2 wears.

SYNTHETIC HAIR: is made up of artificial fibers that have been made to liken human hair. It is available in a wide area of textures, sheen and quality in both weft for weaving and bulk for braiding.
If you are Concerned about the high cost of quality human hair but still want the look of human hair, then **Protein Hair** is the smart alternative for you. While human hair is made of Keratin fibers, Protein hair is a collagen protein based product that mimics human hair. It’s ability to maintains its luster and shine make it as reusable as human hair and just like human hair, collagen fibers can be heat-styled.
**Toyokalon/Kanekalon/Synthetic hair** is a terrific low cost, low care option, especially for braids. Synthetic hair is known to burn and melt, so strong heat should never be applied it usually has a very short lifespan and tends to look pleathery and very shiny.


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