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Posted by Ajah

A weave/extensions is achieved by sewing weft Human or Synthetic hair after your own hair has been cornrowed flat against your scalp. It is also know hair integration or tracks.
Besides making you look your best, we all know that the whole point of getting a weave/extensions is to seamlessly add length and body to your own hair. Like the perfect Louis Vuitton knock-off, your weave/extensions is supposed to be realistic, undetectable and above all, attractive. The first step to getting the perfect look lays in making the right choice in hair weave/extensions selection. The final choice in hair should only be made after you and your stylist do a full assessment of your own hair, with close attention being paid to its’ textures and colors.

Also, remember to discuss your lifestyle, the look you desire and the way you are likely to wear your hair most of the time. The right hair weave/extensions for anyone is hair that has similar textures to your own and compliments it color-wise. So, to get that, much coveted, natural look, always go shades lighter or darker from your own hair. The hair used in Weave/extensions is, usually, human. The only way to get away with using synthetic hair for a weave/extensions is by sticking to the protein kind and because synthetic hair tends to look like what it is, cheap, fake plastic, it is hard to pass it as your own. Human hair is much more suitable for use with free-flowing styles and when done right -by a professional, it blends in perfectly, making it less likely that its’ presence will be detected.
So, budget permitting, please, stick with human hair!


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