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11:44 AM

Touch It Up

Posted by Ajah

Posted by PicasaNothing can get single braids and twists looking fresh and new again like a touch-up. It is the most affordable and less time consuming way to getting that familiar “New ‘Do High” guaranteed.
Money and time permitting, a touch-up needs to and should cover up old braids. The ideal touch-up is one that goes around the perimeter of your head-a must if you tend to wear your braids in a ponytail a lot; but if your budget isn’t flexible, or you don’t have much time to spare, a front touch-up might do the trick. The ideal time to get touched-up is anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 months from the day your hair was first breaded. Because by this time, your braids will have loosened up due to new-growth, but aren’t shabby yet.
Since you really can’t see the back or top of your head to, personally, determine how much of a touch-up will be enough to cover older braids, it is best to listen to and follow your braider’s advice as far as how much of your braids should be redone.
Past 3 months, a touch-up, frankly is a waste of your money and time because at this point, your braids just need to come off, your hair shampooed and deep conditioned, before starting the braiding process all over again.


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