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Touch It Up

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Posted by PicasaNothing can get single braids and twists looking fresh and new again like a touch-up. It is the most affordable and less time consuming way to getting that familiar “New ‘Do High” guaranteed.
Money and time permitting, a touch-up needs to and should cover up old braids. The ideal touch-up is one that goes around the perimeter of your head-a must if you tend to wear your braids in a ponytail a lot; but if your budget isn’t flexible, or you don’t have much time to spare, a front touch-up might do the trick. The ideal time to get touched-up is anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 months from the day your hair was first breaded. Because by this time, your braids will have loosened up due to new-growth, but aren’t shabby yet.
Since you really can’t see the back or top of your head to, personally, determine how much of a touch-up will be enough to cover older braids, it is best to listen to and follow your braider’s advice as far as how much of your braids should be redone.
Past 3 months, a touch-up, frankly is a waste of your money and time because at this point, your braids just need to come off, your hair shampooed and deep conditioned, before starting the braiding process all over again.

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Leave Hair Alone

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Braids, weaves and dreads have taken over the planet; yes from Africa to Asia via the US, sported by all races and hair types, braids are everywhere. There is indeed a hunger for braids out there and at Astou's, we'd be damned if we don’t do our part in feeding it.
Braids are seasonless, they are always in, always cool. They compliment your style, give your hair a break and frankly do more for us and our self-esteem than most man ever could.
But as much as we gorge ourselves, let’s remember that moderation is key.

Frankly, the only obstacle to getting braids is an unhealthy scalp. Which shows itself in different forms that can range from annoying itching and mild dandruff to severe enough issues that can cause scars and hair loss. So, if open sores, painful blisters, or red bumps develop on your scalp, it is paramount you avoid stressing your scalp further with chemical processes, braids, tight ponytails or weaves until your symptoms get better. And if they persist or become more severe over time, make sure you restrain from hair styling until you contact and get cleared by a health care professional.

An unhealthy scalp means unhealthy, lackluster hair and given the vital role it plays in hair health and appearance, scalp conditioning, care and maintenance should always be a priority.
So remember: Mild Shampoo and Moisturizing (deep) Conditioner + moisturizer = a happy scalp

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A weave/extensions is achieved by sewing weft Human or Synthetic hair after your own hair has been cornrowed flat against your scalp. It is also know hair integration or tracks.
Besides making you look your best, we all know that the whole point of getting a weave/extensions is to seamlessly add length and body to your own hair. Like the perfect Louis Vuitton knock-off, your weave/extensions is supposed to be realistic, undetectable and above all, attractive. The first step to getting the perfect look lays in making the right choice in hair weave/extensions selection. The final choice in hair should only be made after you and your stylist do a full assessment of your own hair, with close attention being paid to its’ textures and colors.

Also, remember to discuss your lifestyle, the look you desire and the way you are likely to wear your hair most of the time. The right hair weave/extensions for anyone is hair that has similar textures to your own and compliments it color-wise. So, to get that, much coveted, natural look, always go shades lighter or darker from your own hair. The hair used in Weave/extensions is, usually, human. The only way to get away with using synthetic hair for a weave/extensions is by sticking to the protein kind and because synthetic hair tends to look like what it is, cheap, fake plastic, it is hard to pass it as your own. Human hair is much more suitable for use with free-flowing styles and when done right -by a professional, it blends in perfectly, making it less likely that its’ presence will be detected.
So, budget permitting, please, stick with human hair!

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Hair it is.

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In today’s hair world, the choices are as endless as the possibilities. Although hair comes in different colors, textures and styles, there are only 2 families of hair fibers to choose from: Human hair (Remy, Non-Remy) and Synthetic hair (Protein, Kanekalon/Toyokalon, and Synthetic.

HUMAN HAIR : the most expensive but longer lasting of the lot comes in 2
categories: Remy and non-Remy hair.
**Remy hair** defines virgin hair that has been harvested, processed and colored with roots that are aligned at the top of the bundle.
**Non-Remy** hair classifies as 2nd grade hair since it usually comes from hair that shed and hair that literally was on the cutting room floor. Once these flowing and usually Indian tresses are collected, sorted and classed, the hair’s cuticles are removed by hydrochloric acid baths. It is then turned into wefts or left loose for braiding.
Human hair Has the natural look plus the ultimate soft feel women everywhere value. when the right colors are chosen, Human hair blends in well with our own and behaves the way natural hair does. while curled hair hold on to its style for the lifespan of the weave, straight hair responds well to heat and styling products. depending on how much it sheds and how it is cared for, human hair has a lifespan of at least 2 wears.

SYNTHETIC HAIR: is made up of artificial fibers that have been made to liken human hair. It is available in a wide area of textures, sheen and quality in both weft for weaving and bulk for braiding.
If you are Concerned about the high cost of quality human hair but still want the look of human hair, then **Protein Hair** is the smart alternative for you. While human hair is made of Keratin fibers, Protein hair is a collagen protein based product that mimics human hair. It’s ability to maintains its luster and shine make it as reusable as human hair and just like human hair, collagen fibers can be heat-styled.
**Toyokalon/Kanekalon/Synthetic hair** is a terrific low cost, low care option, especially for braids. Synthetic hair is known to burn and melt, so strong heat should never be applied it usually has a very short lifespan and tends to look pleathery and very shiny.

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White People Can Dread

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Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t or shouldn't get dreads. No, locks don't belongs to Rastafarians, hippies or pot heads. It most certainly will not hold you back from getting the job of your dreams and if it doesn't increase your dating prospects, I guarantee you it will not reduce it. Yes, getting non-African hair to lock does take more time and requires more work but, with patience and commitment, your hair can and will lock. The process of getting locked-up takes anywhere from 3 to 12 months and a lifetime of care. since dreads are (semi) permanent, you must be sure that you are in it for the long haul.
Most who start the process, specially those who are not prepared, end up emotionally battered, with a shaved head to boot. Your hair won't lock the first, second or third time you go to the salon. It will not look anything like the picture above. it might actually look like crap, if not hell. But only for a while. Your scalp will itch as you fight the urge to wash your hair; you might even cry at the sight of it (specially after a night of restless sleep). But it all pays off in the end, if you stick with it, ignore your family, friends and yes, even strangers who will point out myths and make snide comments.
Whether you plan on having organic or , my favorite, manicured locks, it is best to let a professional loctician do the ground work to make sure that it is done right the first time. Because trust me, there is nothing more painful than pulling locks apart.
The surge in popularity of dreadlocks, across all races, has made it more and more acceptable in mainstream cultures’ views. (Almost) gone are the days when people with dreads were looked down on, seen as dirty and “hyppyish”. So get locked up with pride.

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Coming Soon!

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